Online poker games are currently one of the most popular games in Indonesia, even Indonesia ranks 1st in the world, for the category of most enthusiasts. Of course this will provide potential benefits for us if we play poker using real money.

In principle it just combines the numbers on the table. and the winner is seen from the card in the hand or hand, which is combined with the table. The number of cards counted as five cards, while the total is 7 cards, then the final result will be sorted, which one is the higher card value while the order of card combinations is as follows:

  1. “High Card” A card with a higher value will beat a card with a lower value. Example card value 2 will lose by 3, 3 lose by 4, 4 lose by 5, etc … 10 lose by J (jack), J loses by Q (Queen), Q loses by K (King), K loses by A ( Ace). In poker, A can be the number 1 if the condition of the card on the table and hand is possible in a high value position, aka the lowest card, card A can be the largest number, for example 10, J, Q, K, A – A, 2, 3, 4, 5. Card type does not influence at all. Effect only if the card condition is worth Flush or One of a Kind.
  2. One Pair, regardless of the highest card value, will lose to a card combination called One Pair or only two numbers are the same in 5 cards out of a total of 7 cards.
  3. “Two Pair” One Pair “loses by Two Pair, from a total of 5 cards there are two of the same suit.
  4. “Two Pair” loses by “Three of a Kind”
  5. “Three of a Kind” loses to “Straight”.
  6. “Straight” loses to “Flush”.
  7. “Flush” loses to “Full House”.
  8. “Full House” lost to “Four of a Kind”.
  9. “Four of a Kind” loses to “Straight Flush
  10. “Straight Flush” loses to “Royal Flush”.

So again, the order of the card combination values ​​from the lowest is as follows:

– Highest value card
– One Pair
– Two Pair
– Three of A Kind
– Straight
– Flush
– Full House
– Four of a Kind
– Straight Flush
– Royal Flush

  • Each player will take turns to be the “dealer” (dealer),
    alternating clockwise. For example, player one becomes a
    “dealer”, then he will distribute the cards later.
  • Before the cards are dealt, 2 players to the left of the dealer place a
    chip / bet, which is called “Ante”. The first
    “ante” is smaller than the next “ante”. For example: player one is the “dealer”,
    then the player to his left, for example player two, puts his Ante on 5
    dollars, and the next player, player three, puts his Antenna for
    10 dollars. “Ante” is also known as “Blind Bets”.
  • The collection of chips / bets in the middle of the table is
    hereinafter called the “Pot”. – Then the cards are dealt, each player
    gets 2 cards. 2 These cards are called “Private Cards” / “Hole Cards”.
  • Then after seeing the card (players cannot see
    other players ‘ cards , they must look at their own!), The player to the left of the
    player who gives the second ante, “bet” the first time. In
    this case , because the second ante is player three, player four will
    bet first.
  • “Bet” is a bet, it can be “call”, “raise” or “fold”
  • “Call” or “Stay In”, means he will play, by placing a
    bet the amount bet by another player last time.
    In this case, it can depend on what level you play.
  • “Raise” means he will play, place the bet, with a higher
    bet value (higher than the previous bet value,in this case it is higher than 10 dollars, for example he puts 20 dollars or more).
  • “Fold” means he will not play. So he didn’t take the bet, and
    closed the card.
  • Then followed by the player to his left again, wants to “call”, “raise” or
    “fold”, and so on.
  • After that, the 3 cards are dealt face down and placed at the center of the table,
    starting the second betting round.
  • As before, alternately the players make another
    “call”, “raise”, or “fold”, starting with the player on the left who
    gave the second ante. The cards at the center of the table are called “Community
    Cards”. And this round is called “Flop”.
  • After that, one more card opens the
    fourth “Community Cards” card . This is called “Turn Card” / “4th Street” followed by a “bet” or bet again as before.
  • Then the last card “Community Cards” is opened again, this is called “River
    Card” / “5th Street”. Followed by “bet” or bet again as before. This is
    the final betting round.
  • Then the players open their own cards, and combine
    the cards with the cards that are seen on the table, forming the 5 cards with the
    best combination.

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