Pulse poker games are games that are eagerly awaited by gamers now. Why is that ? because here you can get everything, you can get the fun of just playing poker or you can also get money by playing this poker game. Pretty easy right ?? the longer the development of this online poker system is getting faster and provided with facilities for players. That is, if you want to register your online poker game phone number, you don’t have to bother using a PC or laptop. You just sit back and just register via cellphone. Easy enough ?? how do you register your phone number to register a pulse poker game ?? you are very right to open this article, because here it will be explained in full how to register a poker game phone number. Just continue with the steps. Let’s get it !!

  1. Your start before registering is that you have to look for trusted online poker sites, because there you will get the poker agent’s phone number or WA number. Well, here are recommendations for trusted and very effective pulse game sites.

    1. Poker1001
    2. Sohopoker
    3. Gamepokerqq
    4. Livebet88
    5. Pokerbo
    6. Vipbet88

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So, those are the recommendations for a trusted poker site. Because the site has a good history and is more than 1 year old with a large number of members, and all of them are still active. After you get these sites, all you have to do is choose one and look for the agent’s number. Because every site has its own CP . These recommendations are not recommendations solely because the site is trusted and of course safe. So don’t worry okay

  1. How do you register via SMS using a cellphone? okay we go straight to the tutorial After you get the number and it is clear that you are really active, please register. For SMS you can do as follows:
    1. Type # name # username # password # bank name ## account number # account name # email that is still active.
    2. Then you immediately send the format to the CP which you have got from the trusted poker agent sites. The link is above, okay.
    3. Wait for confirmation in a few moments. You can also use WA, Line, or other social media.

As for the application, you can download it on the sites listed above and install it too. Then open it, after opening it you press the registration menu and fill in the form provided and complete as completely and clearly as possible. Just like SMS, you will also get confirmation for a few moments.

You will be difficult to practice if you are reluctant to seek as much information as possible. not difficult, just read and read this article from start to finish. Maybe after you read it you can practice it on your cellphone. Either via SMS or directly download the application from these sites. There are many ways if you want to register for this poker game. Can be from SMS or register by installing the application directly. It is enough for you to choose which one later. Everything is very simple and easy to practice. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Thus, is a little explanation of the tutorial for registering a telephone number for the poker game pulse. The tutorial is listed above, you just have to follow the steps above. Don’t enter your personal data wrong, so that your account is protected. Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it will be useful for you fans of online poker. Thanks for reading and good luck!