As a game that can increase income for its players, online poker sites are rapidly developing and are increasingly being played by many people. However, it is not uncommon for people to do everything they can to win this game, including those that are prohibited.

One of the cheating methods that are often used is to use robots to win online poker games. As a result, we and the other members will have a hard time winning the game. Therefore we need to be careful and recognize the signs of a robot at the poker table. So, on this occasion I will share tips on how to avoid robots on online poker sites . Come see the reviews!

  1. Avoid players who win multiple times

You may be suspicious of one of the players at the game table who wins continuously because it could be that he is a robot controlling the bet. This is natural, because the robot is designed to find out what cards the opponent has, so that he can determine what cards will be issued, which are certainly of greater value than our cards.

  1. Robots usually use strange pseudonyms

The robots in the game usually use strange-sounding names that are difficult to spell. They also rarely reply to player chats, and don’t show any reaction while the game is in progress. If you find a player like this, then you need to be careful and alert. It would be better if you immediately leave the game room and change to another room to avoid bankruptcy.

Playing on Online Poker Sites

  1. Don’t bully the Robot

If you find the two marks above one of the players at the table, don’t bluff that player. As we know, it is not uncommon for gambling players to bully their opponents with the aim of making their opponents down mentally. But this method will not affect the robot, even the robot will not hesitate to give you a big defeat. This is because the robot can detect the cards we have, so he dares to place high bets.

  1. Yangon card combinations are always perfect

As a gambling player, of course there is a factor of luck or luck so that we can win the game. However, we will not find this factor in the robot, because the combination of cards that are issued is always good and definitely higher than the card combination we have. If there are players whose card combinations are good and it happens continuously, then you have to be more careful.

  1. Has a lot of Chips

Because the robot always wins the game, it will always have a large number of chips. Therefore if you look at the online poker table that there are significant differences in chips with each other, you have to suspect that it is a robot. The sooner you realize that the opponent you are facing is a robot, the better because we certainly don’t want to experience losses in the game. A robot is a robot, it has special skills according to the program that forms it, so we can be sure that you will not win against robots in this game.

Robots in online poker gambling games are indeed a thing of fear for players. Therefore you must always monitor the opponents you face. The five tips above are some of the ways you can identify and avoid robots in online poker games. So, be carefull and enjoy the game!